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You’ve spent lots of time & money making your videos.
Don’t let them just sit there.
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Save Time and Money while getting more views!

Our 10-step Youtube Video Optimization Service is world-class. We spend a lot of time researching keywords and understanding what your KPI’s are and we develop our strategy around your goals. Our process has gained our customers over 300 million views.

We speak at the world’s largest YouTube conference’s on our optimization process.

What You Get with Each Optimized Video


Step 1: Advanced Keyword Research

We will spend a lot of time understanding what people are searching for around your video topics on YouTube. This deep understanding is key for video search results.


Step 2: Advanced Title Creation

We apply all the key findings from step 1 to create titles that will give your video a great chance to be discovered. We will use our advanced nested strategy to develop a title structure.


Step 3: Description Creation

Based on your goals we will develop a messaging format and call to action strategy for descriptions. We will use best practices like making sure the main link is above the “show more” text.


Step 4: Tag Creation

Based on all the work completed in steps 1 and 2 we will develop 10-15 keywords about your video and channel that give YouTube the information it needs for discoverability optimization.


Step 5: Category Selection

We will select the best category for your video based on what the video is about and your overall channel.


Step 6: Playlist Strategy & Creation

Based on all the work and research from steps 1, 3 and 4 we will develop playlists around your videos theme. This will use the nested strategy and will interrelate to the title, tags and channel.


Step 7: Annotation Creation

Annotation do not work on mobile devices and the largest percent of viewers are now mobile. We will use annotations as needed but will focus more energy on cards because they do work on mobile devices.


Step 8: Close Caption Creation

We will upload Close Captions to the video in only one language English. We only support videos up to 15 minutes long.


Step 9: Custom Thumbnail Creation

The largest source of organic views for many channels is suggested views. Thumbnails are a very important part of why someone would click on your video. We will use all of our A&B testing knowledge to develop very amazing custom thumbnails.


Step 10: Card Creation

Cards are how you get someone to take action. You can make a poll, link to your site, playlist or even get donations for a non-profit. We will create cards based on your goals.

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Who & What is Vidpow?

Vidpow is not a typical agency, we are your video marketing & advertising team. Combined we have almost half a billion views for our customers and millions of subscribers. We focus on using video marketing and ads to build cost effective revenue for our customers.

Vidpow is a collection of several top experts in YouTube, online advertising and video marketing. We are kinda big deal 🙂 & speak at all the major conferences like Vidcon and write for many of the biggest trade publications like ReelSEO.