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Vidpow Customer Learn Liberty


  • Increase Subscribers
  • Increase Organic Views
  • Playlist Strategy
  • Content Strategy based on YouTube Search

Managed Solutions:

  • YouTube Audit & Strategy
  • Video Marketing Management


  • 3.7 Million Views
  • 31% increase in Subscribers
  • 16% increase in Engagement
  • 14% increase in Suggested Video Views
  • 11% increase in Monthly YouTube Search

“Working with Vidpow has enabled the Learn Liberty team to grow our traffic and channel subscribers, and to create video content that is optimized from the beginning of the production process to generate long-term returns on our output. By making an effort to thoroughly understand our mission and goals, Vidpow has helped us build a video marketing strategy that is highly tailored to our needs. I trust our account managers to communicate immediately and effectively, and to deliver high-quality video assets in a timely fashion. When a need arises, Vidpow is quick to help us problem solve and identify solutions. Our partnership with Vidpow has not only added value to our product- they have strengthened it to the very core.”

-Sloane S.

Copywriter & Video Marketer – Institute for Humane Studies