Video Production

Production + Tracking + Science

Let’s face it most businesses create expensive videos that just sit there like lumpy pillows. Vidpow creates videos that get results.

Our focus and experience with video production really sets us apart from other companies. We do not consider ourselves just a video production company. Our main focus is to create online videos that help businesses build audiences, tell great stories, answer questions people are asking and convert viewers into customers. We focus on the science and let the numbers do the talking.

Shareable Video

We created this shareable video for HyperX. The target audience is gamers so if you’re easily offended please do not watch this one :-).

Product Video

This product video for Bayco is a good example of how we can show off benefits and features of a product used in real-life situations.

How-to / Educational

At the heart of many successful business YouTube channels is content answering questions that people are asking. We are experts at this type of content.

Sharable Buzz Feed Style Videos

We create shareable videos and understand the science of why people watch, share, comment and like short social videos.