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Need a company to help you take your video marketing and YouTube channel to the next level? We are Vidpow, a collection of very talented video data nerds that eat, breathe and sleep all things YouTube, Vine, Instagram video and Facebook. We’ve gotten over 300 million mostly organic views and over a million subscribers for our customers. We manage your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram channels for you on a monthly basis.


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We help our customers in a big way!

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Video Marketing Management Services

Vidpow is your complete video marketing department that handles all of the 6 foundations seen below. We work an average of 15-30 hours a week per customer. Our pricing is very competitive and the majority of our customers stay with us long-term.  Each of our customers will receive a customized scope of work, ROI and custom needs. Please fill out the form below if you are looking for help to grow your online video presence and conversion.

What is the process to start working with Vidpow?

L.A.S.E.R. Process

#1 Listen: We start by listening to your goals


#2 Audit: We then dive deep into your video marketing with our over 60 page audit


#3 Strategize: Next we create a video marketing strategy across many platforms based on your goals


#4 Execute: Then we develop a plan and start working the video marketing strategy based on the monthly budget


#5 Report: Every month you get an ROI based report


Vidpow’s 6 Foundations of Video Marketing


Content Strategy

We help you develop a complete video content marketing strategy and audit your existing video marketing.



Our Video Discoverability Optimization process is among the best in the world and has produced over 300 million views for our customers.



Most companies and organizations do not get over a few hundred views. Thats why Vidpow focuses on helping your videos get views and engagement.



Audience development or audience growth is most often a byproduct of creating great content and using best practices. Our customers gain over 100k subscribers a month.



We have tons of experience using video advertising to drive sales, conversion and to build an audience. We use remarketing, extreme targeting and the latest tools and best practices.



Why use video if it’s not helping your company? We are video marketing scientists that are driven around your success. Our video conversion science process is very effective.

We don’t work with everyone

  • We are very selective and only work with a hand full of brands.
  • If video is not a major part of your focus or something that is mission critical to your success, we are not a fit.
  • If your business is not willing to create 1 or more videos a week, this is not a fit.
  • If you want lots of short-term success, it won’t work out between us.
  • We are looking to work with companies that understand video is ongoing and cannot be shut off like other marketing channels if you want to be successful.

How Can We Help?

Do your videos just sit there like lumpy pillows? Let us help you make your videos work. We want to become your affordable video marketing department/partner.

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Services we offer: 

  • Pre-production Video Marketing Consulting
  • YouTube Competitive Brand Intelligence
  • Brand Fan UGC Content Research & Outreach
  • Collabs
  • YouTube Audience Development
  • On-page Video SEO Optimization
  • Adwords for Video Management & Remarketing
  • YouTube Copyright Asset Management
  • Video Marketing Training
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • YouTube Channel Management
    • Audience Development
    • Channel Auditing
    • Channel Page / Artwork – Development and Strategy
    • Closed Captions
    • Comment Monitoring
    • Top Fans Development and Strategy
    • Annotation Development and Strategy
    • Interactive Card Annotations (if available to your channel)
    • Playlist Development and Strategy
    • InVideo Programming Development and Strategy
    • Adding Creator Credits and Attributions
    • YouTube Channel Reporting
    • Video SEO Optimization
      • Keyword research for YouTube
      • Title Optimization
      • Description Optimization
      • Tag Optimization
      • Thumbnail Optimization and A&B Testing