Video Marketing Strategy

for Hospitals & Healthcare

If you’re spending lots of time and money making videos to promote your hospital, to educate the public, or to highlight specialties and events, we are here to help you make more effective videos that convert, build bigger audiences and help you achieve your goals. Anyone can turn on a camera, we help you develop a 12-month strategy, train your staff on how to achieve your video marketing goals and coach and mentor you through the process.

On average our members’ videos become 50-500% more effective and greatly increase conversion, audience growth and help you achieve your goals. Membership is limited to 10 hospitals only 1 per state.

Are you spending at least twice as much marketing your videos as you do making them?

With over 400 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s no longer good enough to just make videos. You need to invest in marketing your videos to make sure they are effective. It’s difficult to make effective videos that convert, grow audiences and helps build your brand, but that is what we do. For the price of one small video, we can help YOU rock your video goals for an entire year. We are a YouTube Certified Company and have helped brands gain over 1 billion organic views. Our customers typically see better video ROI within the first few months!

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Member Benefits

Vidpow helps companies create effective video marketing through our vendor-free membership designed for the needs of internal marketing departments running Video Marketing at companies. Let us help guide your video marketing efforts through strategy, coaching, training, community, and events.

Video Marketing Audits

We will audit your YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels. This is a deep dive into your analytics and engagement to ascertain your current strengths and areas of improvement.

Video Marketing Strategy

Next we help you develop smart, sustainable goals for the next year, then develop a detailed 12-month video marketing strategy designed to reach those goals.

Monthly Coaching

We will have 2 1-hour sessions for coaching and training every month for 12 months. We’ll serve as your mentor, creative sounding board, and accountability partner. You can also ask questions 24/7 and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Brand Community

Give and receive advice from other professional marketers.

Monthly Online Training

Each month we bring in a top video marketing expert to teach you the latest and greatest in all things related to video marketing.

Monthly Tracking

Progress tracking against your goals for 12 months.

Yearly Workshop

Each year we hold a 2-day hands-on workshop in Las Vegas just for our members.

Video Marketing World

Members get 3 free tickets to our annual conference


Our customers typically see ROI within the first few months!

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Vidpow Membership

The Vidpow membership is only $15,000 per year. We help you protect your video production investment with strategies build for growth, engagement, and conversion.

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