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Deconstructing The Success Science of Roberto Blake – Vidchop Ep. 9

By August 4, 2017 No Comments

Roberto Blake is one of the most popular and influential channels on YouTube. He’s a creative entrepreneur, vlogger, product reviewer, and thought leader with over 300,000 subscribers. Over the years, he’s become one of the most trusted names in YouTube advice and a popular public speaker.

In this episode of VidChop, Jeremy breaks down Roberto’s channel and explains what you can learn from his success and how you can apply it to your content.

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The lowdown:

Roberto jumps right in with each video, bringing up what’s on his mind and what he’s going to be talking about right off the bat.

He switches up his backdrop for some variety.

He asks the audience and fans a number of things during his call to action, including people’s opinions, goals, and struggles, and asks them to share something creative they’ve worked on.

Roberto makes great use of his end screens, providing two videos to watch and a link to subscribe to his profile. He does this with a simple, clean background.