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Deconstructing The Success Science of DevinSuperTramp – Vidchop Ep. 5

By June 5, 2017 July 17th, 2017 No Comments

Devinsupertramp is one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world, with over a billion views to their name. Their name is synonymous with high-energy, breathtaking spectacle videos that make you gasp in awe.

In this episode of VidChop, Jeremy breaks down their channel and explains what you can learn from their success and how you can apply it to your content.

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The lowdown:

Every Devinsupertramp video is designed to make your jaw drop and provoke an emotional reaction. It all starts with an idea for a crazy stunt and then they perform the stunt set to energetic music.

It’s all about creating emotion, and Devinsupertrap does it in spades. Whether you’re horrified by their stunts or want to join in the fun, it’s hard to watch their videos and not be moved one way or another.

They’ve done a great job of monetizing their videos with brand deals, in fact almost every video is a commercial of some sort, but they don’t feel like commercials. They’re fun escapism.

They open every video with an attention-grabbing shot. They don’t spend time setting up the premise, they show you in the first few seconds. Then they just let the fun happen.

While they don’t ask their viewers to subscribe, they do include it on end screens with text serving as the call to action.