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Deconstructing The Success Science of Evan Carmichael – Vidchop Ep. 10

By August 18, 2017 No Comments

Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneur, life coach, author, and vlogger with a powerful message of self-empowerment that as attracted over 800 thousand subscribers who use his tools to improve their businesses and their lives.

In this episode of VidChop, Jeremy breaks down Evan’s channel and explains what you can learn from his success and how you can apply it to your content.

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The lowdown:

Evan produces list videos sharing the top wisdom from entrepreneurs and business people around the world.

He changes up camera angles to keep the audience interested.

He effectively uses his brand, even as a bullet point in the list that he keeps on the side of the screen.

Evan shouts out his commenters and uses their suggestions as subjects for videos, making them feel engaged.

And he ends with great calls to action to join his email list and watch his other videos