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YouTube Video Embeds & Social Sharing – EP: 81

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Tips on the Best Ways to Embed, Share and Post Your YouTube Videos

What is the best way to share a video on Facebook or Twitter? Can you create an animated .gif to share a highlight of your video? What makes Google+ so good for sharing videos for search engine results?

This week’s episode with your favorite Tube Talkers, brings you insight into:

  • YouTube Embedding
  • Measuring Your Video Share Analytics.
  • Creating .GIF’s of Your Video to Share on Tumblr or Facebook?
  • Writing More Text in Your Google+ Shared Video Post for SEO.

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This episode Matt Ballek starts of his viewpoint of sharing YouTube videos, with a suggestion to Not focus on just your YouTube sharing analytics. Jeremy Vest shifts the conversation over to the ability to create animated .gif’s of your video to share on the web. And Tim Schmoyer takes us into another tip about sharing YouTube video’s with Google+ from an SEO perspective.

YouTube Embed Metrics & Tools

Matt says don’t just rely solely on YouTube’s share metrics for measuring your video content reach. The only measurement currently done through YouTube is when the actual share icon or options under the player is clicked. He notes just grabbing the URL and sharing that out anywhere is not currently tracked. Matt recommends VidIQ Vision and other tools to find your external share numbers. Although YouTube is starting to look into “Copy To Clipboard” metrics.

Tim also recommends a comprehensive website known as A way to search for your YouTube URL through Twitter to see how many and the people sharing your URL. Jeremy finishes off the topic of metrics by recommending sharing video’s with the selected playlist when sharing on a blog or social media site, because your more likely to get more views for your other videos that you have hand selected.

Video Sharing in the Google+ Community for Good SEO

Tim suggests that on Google + it is ideal to write a good amount about the video in the description, which can occasionally help it rank higher than a video on YouTube. Jeremy Vest brings up several key sharing factors when it comes to the platform, and why it should be included in a marketing campaign.


Jeremy Vest: VidpowBam | Twitter
Matt Ballek: Vidiseo | Google+
Tim Schmoyer: VideoCreators | Twitter

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