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Multi Channel Networks with Jim Louderback – EP: 82 – TubeTalk

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What is A Multi Channel Network and How is it Effective on YouTube?

This week we had the privilege to speak with our special guest Jim Louderback. CEO of Revision3, Jim also held a number of positions with media companies like TechTV, and Editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. We discuss some of the insight Jim sees in the growing trend of Multi Channel Networks (MCN’s) and more this week on Vidpow Tube Talk: The Video Marketing Tips Podcast.

This episode with your favorite Tube Talkers, brings you a look into:

  • The Beginnings of Multi Channel Networks
  • The Idea Behind Creating An MCN
  • The Prospect of Joining An MCN
  • Talent and Career Management

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Your Hosts:

Jim Louderback: |
Jeremy Vest: VidpowBam | Twitter
Matt Ballek: Vidiseo | Google+
Tim Schmoyer: VideoCreators | Twitter

Multi Channel Networks (MCN’s)

Jim Louderback wastes no time in giving us a bird’s eye view of his career history and big name projects he has worked on before landing into the position of CEO with Revision3, one of the biggest multi channel networks on YouTube today. Jim drops some great companies and personal contacts of his from guys like Grapevine, and Captive8.

Jim also gives us some advice and areas to focus when looking into being a part of or starting your own multi channel network. He recommends being careful when discussing contracts, and partnerships with some of the networks that are out there. To really make sure you making a good decision with a trusted partnership.

Tim has witnessed many people expecting to find the “magic” button to grow their channel, and how they fall into the lure of some networks hoping to grow and make money faster. But the cost usually far out weighs the benefit.

Matt agrees with Jim and also sees the concept of MCN’s becoming more of a connector and talent manager for creators. A sort of Collaboration Connector for emerging and new shows. Jim elaborates on this thought and highlights Frederator and what he likes about what they are doing in the MCN space.

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