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How To Create YouTube Playlists – Infographic

By August 4, 2014 November 30th, 2016 3 Comments

What are Playlists?
Playlists allow you to organize your content in a logical order.  You can think of a playlist like a music album and the videos in the playlist are the songs.

Why Use Playlists?
Playlists auto play to the next video so you can increase your search ranking by improving watch time. Because watch time is the most important ranking factor on YouTube, playlists are a very important factor in optimization. Once a viewer finds the type of playlist they want to see they can lean back and watch several videos at a time.



How To Create a YouTube Playlist
To create a playlist login to the Creators Studio Click on the video manager / playlists Click “New playlist” Set your playlist to public, private or unlisted Enter a title and click “Create” To delete a playlist click the “Delete playlist” button

Add Videos to a Playlist
Click “Add Video” you can search all of YouTube videos, add a YouTube URL or search your channels videos.  Once you’ve picked a video click “Select”.

Set Playlist Thumbnail
To set a playlist thumbnail click “More” to the right side of a video and click “Set as playlist thumbnail”.

Change Video Order
To reorder a video within a playlist grab the left hand side of the box and holding down your mouse dragging up or down. Release your mouse once complete.

Set Start /End Times
If you have an intro or end card on your individual videos this can create a very poor playlist auto play experience. You can select when a video starts and ends within a playlist to create a much better lean back and watch experience. To edit start / end times click “More” next to a video in playlists and click “Edit start / end times”. You can drag the beginning and end to your desired times then click “Save”.

Create an Official Series Playlist
An official series playlist will show a next video in the top right of a watch page. This helps drive viewers to your playlists and give your videos the first ranking on your own watch page on the right hand side. You can only put a video in one series playlist. To make a playlist a official series click “Playlist settings” and check the “Set as official series” box and click “Save”.

Share Playlist URL
You should always link and share your playlists not individual videos. This will help to increase overall watch time. To share a playlist click “Share”. You can click the icon of your favorite social media site,  copy the URL, copy the embed code or email the URL.

Automatically Add Videos to a Playlist
You can automatically add videos to a playlist by three different types of keywords. Title contains, description contains and tags. This only works for new videos. To do this click “Auto add” define your rules and click “add rule”. When your done adding rules click “Save”.

Playlist Strategy
Always try to name the playlist what people are searching for. In this case it’s “how to cook eggs”. We like to breakout the video title into three sections when possible that includes using the playlist name:

Measuring Playlist Success
To see how your playlists are performing login to YouTube Analytics. Go to Traffic sources / YouTube Playlists You can see views, minutes watched and average view duration. We like to track these metrics month over month looking for trends.