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Vidpow Customer FUNimation


  • Increase YouTube Views
  • Increase Subscribers
  • Develop Overall YouTube Strategy

Managed Solutions:

  •  YouTube Audit & Strategy
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Video Marketing Management


  • 7 million more organic views
  • 39% increase in suggested video views from custom thumbnails
  • 35.8% increase in subscribers
  • 50% increase in playlist views

“Vidpow is a team of video marketing data scientists. Just the custom thumbnails increased our suggested video views by over a quarter of a million views a month.”

-Justin R.
Senior Manager of Social Strategy at FUNimation


Vidpow helped FUNimation gain over 3 million more organic views a year (now 7 million) by developing and executing a deep video discoverability optimization strategy. Our cards, playlists, thumbnails and 15 other items were implemented to over 1,500 videos and were a major home run for the brand. We also created a Facebook strategy and uploaded several hundred videos to playlists. Our Facebook video advertising created more sales than any other facebook ads to date.

Organic Views
New Subscribers
Suggested Views Per Month