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Do you want to grow your YouTube audience, increase engagement and generate more revenue with marketing videos online?
Vidpow offers monthly online conferences, new courses weekly all taught by 50 of the world’s best video marketing experts.



What You Will Learn

Sin 1

Only Selling

It’s about your audience not just about selling.

Sin 2

Production Issues

Quality is not important but a few things  can kill watch time.

Sin 3

Viral Video

Winning the lottery is not a business plan, why expect that on YouTube?

Sin 4

Show Eyes

Eyes help with connection and engagement.

Sin 5

Being Fake!

You have to be authentic on YouTube or users will not connect.

Sin 6

 Share & Market

You should have hundreds of distribution channels

Sin 7

Show Emotion

Emotion is the most powerful way to build an audience on YouTube.

Monthly Online Video Marketing Conferences

Every month we bring together four industry thought leaders for a 3 hour online conference that dives deep into one topic. As a Vidpow member you will be able to attend every one of these conferences and interact one on one with our speakers as the help you solve your biggest video marketing problems. All conferences are recorded and available to our members on-demand within 48 hours

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World-Class Instructors

Our content is only awesome because of our 50+ world-class instructors that provide our members the most current information and best practices that have been proven to work for some of the best YouTube creators and biggest brands online. Our instructors teach in-depth courses that are available to you on-demand 24/7 and provide personal in-depth experiences during our online conferences.

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