Convince Your Boss

We want to make signing up for Vidpow as easy as possible, and sometimes that means convincing the people above you in the company. Here’s a sample letter you can send to your boss that highlights the reasons for joining. Just copy and paste this into an email and make whatever adjustments you need. Good luck!


Hi <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>,

As you know, we’ve been using video in our online marketing efforts, and I’ve been exploring options to help boost the effectiveness of these campaigns.  <here you might customize the message according to your needs and context>

I just found out about a new program called the Video Marketing Society. It’s a training/consultancy run by a top video marketing experts who speaks at conferences like Social Media Marketing World and Vidsummit.

They would perform video audits on our social media channels and help craft a 12-month video strategy geared toward increasing ROI for the money we spend on the production of videos. They then follow it up with monthly progress reports that would save us hours of time each month. This is the kind of stuff we would need to hire a new employee to handle if we did it in-house.

It also features quarterly one-on-one strategy sessions. Plus a library of educational content that we can share amongst the team.

I really think this is worth trying. The cost is very reasonable, only $2,997 for the year and that includes a ticket to the Video Marketing World Conference in August in Dallas Texas.
(For context, we spent $x,xxx producing our last video alone.)

Their average customers gain a 50%+ increase in video marketing ROI within the first few months. So if we plan to spend lots of time and money making videos, it is a no-brainer to hire a team to help us make those videos help build our audience, get more organic exposure and to convert more sales.

Do I have your okay to sign up for this? I really think it’s a good deal. If they can boost our ROI on our video efforts, it would more than pay for itself.

Please let me know,