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Best Motivational Video For YouTubers 2019 NO EXCUSES

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

What’s stopping you from being the YouTuber?
Is it too hard?
Are you too tired?
Don’t have enough time?
Don’t have enought money?
Don’t have the right equipment?
Don’t have the right editing software?
Or maybe the thing that’s stopping you is
Excuses can sound great in your head
stop feeling sorry for yourself
stop telling sob stories
get your ass in gear
and just start creating videos
Don’t get jealous of video creators doing big things
Don’t hate on them
They worked hard to get where thy are
no body is going to hand you anything
it’s up to you and you only
it’s game time
Are you willing to do the hard work?
Life is what you make of it
If you want to be successful on YouTube
You have to go get it
Excuses are not valid
It’s not the algo’s fault
It’s not your families fault
The truth is
You got to know your value
You got to know your channel focus
You got to know your superpower
You have to have the willpower
The discipline
to go create 1-2 videos every week
without fail
You got to get 1% better every week
You got to go create videos for your audience and not yourself
Anything worth fighting for is going to be a battle
It’s not simple
it’s not easy
This is your chance
This is your shot
This is your time
This is your moment
This is your dream
Today is the day
The day you decide your worthy
You’re worthy of 100,000+ subscribers
You’re worthy of brand deals
You’re worthy of filling your dreams
Creating is way beyond titles and thumbnails
Being a Successful YouTuber
Is About Mindset
Do you believe in yourself
even when no one else does?
are you going to go get your dream today
or just sit there?