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Best Motivational Video Embrace The Suck

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Embrace The Suck with this best motivational video.

Everyone sucks in the beginning.
But if you really want something in life
If you really want it
You have to know
That you’re gonna suck at first
Accept it
Be ok with it
Knowing that you can only get better from here
People will tell you you can’t
People give you reasons to quit
But what they don’t know
Is your no quitter
You thrive on pain
You’ve accepted the SUCK
You’re here
Your present
It’s hard to be embarrassed
It’s hard to be apologetic
It’s hard to be sad
When you believe in yourself
When you know the direction you’re headed
So that means your going to win
Luck is 10 years of working towards your goal
Luck is not watching Nexflix tonight
You’re lucky to be alive
Your lucky to have choices
Your lucky to have a dream
When people will say that guys lucky
You will know that luck takes:
And faith
It’s going to be hard
You’re going to want to give up
But you’ve invested too much now
No more tears
No more dreams unanswered
Even if all you can give is one hour a day
That’s 365 hours a year
Your dream is worth waking up an hour early
Or going to bed an hour late
This is your time
This is your dream
This is your day
And go all-in on your dream
Own your dream by putting it in the comments now!

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