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Best Motivational Video Albert Einstein Was A Famous Failure

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Famous Failures – Albert Einstein – Best Motivational Video
Albert Einstein was a famous failure

He didn’t speak until he was 4-years old
He did so bad in college
He almost didn’t graduate
When his father died
He considered his son to be a major failure
which left Einstein heartbroken
He had a divorce
He had to take odd jobs
Like being a substitute teacher
And a lowly patient clerk
And he suffered from depression and anxiety
Being Jewish he and his family had to flee Germany before WWII
Einstein knew failure and struggle
I’m sure it was hard for him to find
The energy
The time
The money
To keep pushing forward
People laughed at him
They called him a dreamer
He had great excuses
He had reasons to give up
He could have stopped trying
But he didn’t
Instead he changed the world
And it will never be the same
He had the skill
The knowledge
The willpower
The discipline
To keep going
Everything that’s worth it
will be an uphill battle
It’s not going to come easy
It’s not going to fall in your lap
It’s not going to be a walk in the park
If you want something
You have to go get it
He stayed focused
He got up every morning
He put in the work
He did not let anyone
Stop him
He developed several fundamental core laws governing physics
He won the Nobel Prize in 1921
He created the beginnings of Quantum Theory
He changed the World
The real question is
What will you do?
Are you going to keep fighting?
Are you going to work for your dream?
Do you really want it?